Name Platform Licence Sources Description  
Nepuli C64 MIT no A Wordle -like game for the C-64.  
Stormriders Windows Freeware no 4k intro for the Assembly 2019.  
Quantum Socket C#/GLSL Freeware partial Game where you try plug to an USB cable to USB sockets. Done during the Quantum Wheel Game Jam 2019.  
FixPointCS C#/C++ MIT yes A 32.32 fixed point numerics library for C# and C++ (optimized for 64bit architectures).  
Hexadodo Windows Freeware no Assembly 2017 Game Jam game.  
Voro Nope Windows Freeware partial 4k intro for the Assembly 2016.  
Modern GPU particle systems in Alienation - - - A seminar I held at the Assembly 2016.  
Ragdoll Yoga iPad/Codea CC yes Ragdoll Yoga game made in the Finnish Game Jam 2016 (Survival Mode).  
Mobius Hearts Physical Freeware yes A 3D printed object originally coded in ShaderToy as my 8th wedding anniversary gift.  
Temperuga Windows Freeware no An Unreal Engine 4.8 game made for the Assembly 2015 GameJam.  
LineDrawDDA HTML5+JS PD yes An example of a DDA-like algorithm to step through all grid cells that touch a ray and get the cell entry points.  
MC-Scape Windows Freeware no 1k intro for the Assembly 2014.  
Cubetronic Windows Freeware no 4k intro for the Assembly 2013.  
Confusphere Windows Freeware no 4k intro for the Assembly 2012.  
Sun Of Bac Windows GPL yes 1k intro for the Assembly 2012.  
Friendship Snake HTML5+JS GPL yes A browser snake game (for LD48h #22 compo, December 2011).  
Nelejän Kilon Nakki Windows Freeware no 4k intro for the Assembly 2011.  
Adventures in multithreaded gameplay coding - - - A seminar I held at the Assembly 2011.  
Ginomous Windows Freeware no A gamedev entry for the Assembly 2011.  
Psi Keepers Windows GPL yes A game where you use PSI powers to make suicide bombers to run into each other (for LD48h #18 compo, August 2010).  
Afrika Windows Freeware no 4k intro for the Assembly 2010.  
Raya Racer C++, Qt Freeware no A simple racing game for Maemo devices (Nokia N900).  
FloatPerfTest C++ and C# GPL yes A simple floating point benchmark for comparing C++ and C# performance.  
Dare Islands Windows (.NET 3.5) GPL yes A game where you guide boats by rising and lowering islands (for LD48h #17 compo, April 2010).  
Intestinal Cavity Explorer Windows GPL yes A 3D cave flying game (for LD48h #16 compo, December 2009).  
Dream Creditor Windows Freeware no 4k intro for the Assembly 2009.  
Lider Flash Freeware no A 2D racing game where you build a part of the track for the Assembly 2009 gamedev competition.  
AltSuperFog2008 Windows Freeware no Freely configurable 2D physics application, designed to be used with a [[ fogscreen]].
Fountain Of Mart Windows Freeware no 4k intro for the Assembly 2008.  
Argon XNA 2 (PC/XB360) Freeware no Fast paced twin stick shooter game for the Assembly 2008 gamedev competition.  
Typoworm Windows (.NET 2.0) GPL yes Cave flying game controlled by typing text (for the 11th LD48h compo).  
LD10Tanks XNA (PC) GPL yes Strategic cannon puzzle game (for the 10th LD48h compo).  
Rose Shank Windows GPL yes 4k intro for the Assembly 2007 competition.  
IL4 Windows GPL yes The IL4 (aka Lisp-ahtava) programming language for making small 4k intros.  
Waboga XNA (PC/XB360) GPL yes Small simple board game (for the Assembly 2007 gamedev compo).  
Crysanthem XNA (PC/XB360) GPL yes Simple 2D platformer (for LD48h 2007 spring compo).  
Andromedary Windows Free+GPL yes 4k intro for the Assembly 2006 competition.  
Stariffic Java (J2ME, applet, desktop) GPL yes Rolling star platformer (for the Assembly 2006 gamedev compo).  
Swarmulator Java (applet) GPL yes Arcade shooting game (for LD48h 2006 compo).  
Flow4k Java (applet) GPL yes Gas pushing game for java enabled browsers.  
FreeDoku J2ME GPL yes Sudoku puzzle game for java enabled mobile phones.  
LightZPng C++ MIT yes Small lightweight library implementing zlib.  
Factory Pinball Win32 Freeware no A pinball game where the ball is replaced by a ragdoll man. Released at the Assembly 2005  
Jumpers .NET (Win32) GPL yes Save the jumping people -game.  
Radox .NET (Win32) BSD yes Turn based robot game (for LD48h 2004 compo)  
Frontal Assault Win32 Freeware no A breast slapping game released at the Assembly 2003.  
Sheckers Warcraft 3 LGPL yes Map for Warcraft 3 which turn the game into 2 player checkers (the sheep vs the pigs).  
Laatukauraa PS2 Linux LGPL yes Demo released at the Assembly 2002.  
Jeresaver Win32 LGPL yes Simple DirectX 8 screensaver.  
APT DOS (PC) Shareware no Paratroopers game clone.  
KaBoom DOS (PC) Shareware no Old game where you fly inside a cave and fight other players.