Date of creation: 23.7.2007 - 3.8.2007
Platform: Windows
Licence: GPL v2
Sources: Yes
Description: IL4 Lisp-ahtava is a small special purpose programming language I made to create small 4k intros. The first intro to use IL4 was Rose Shank.

Basically IL4 is a language that uses the lisp syntax to write it’s program. It’s fully imperative, though and syntax is the only thing it has in common. This was so that the language could be more easily extended without touching the lexer/parser.

This package contains the IL4 compiler (il4c), sources for the il4c (written in ocaml) and sources for the Rose Shank 4k intro. The intro package contains some notes about the langauge and it serves as a good starting point/example of an IL4 program.
Download: Link