Date of creation: 15.2.2019 - 17.2.2019
Platform: Windows + Quantum Black Box
Licence: Creative Commons
Sources: Partial
Description: Quantum Socket is a game where you try to plug an USB cable into USB sockets. The right way keeps changing though due to a changing quantum situation. In the game you feel the rumble of the controller. If the rumble is constant, the cable is the wrong way, if it’s pulsating then its the right way. It can change at any point though. Try to match as many as you can within the time limit.

The game was made during the Quantum Wheel Game Jam 2019. It uses the Quantum Black Box emulation. Actual game is made with Unity (with a purchased input manager asset, hence no open source code) and the graphics were made in Shadertoy.
Website: Project site (with downloads and instructions)
Shadertoy code for the visuals