Project name: LightZPng
Date of creation: 15.9.2005 - 19.9.2005
Platform: C++
Licence: MIT
Sources: Yes
Description: LightZPng is a lightweight library implementing the same functionality as zlib and libpng. The main gain is that each library consists only of two files (one .cpp and one .h). It’s easy to embed zlib unpacking or png loading to your own softwares this way. The code is designed to contain no static variables and should be easy to port to for example Symbian or BREW.

Currently the library contains only unpacking/loading from memory and does not support packing/creating images. LightZPng is one of the rare zlib unpackers that can do in-place unpacking (you can preallocate the output buffer and load the compressed data to the end of it and decompress in-place).

The project was initially done in collaboration with Housemarque.
Download: v1.03