Date of creation: 30.1.2016 - 1.2.2016
Platform: iPad + Codea
Licence: Creative Commons
Sources: Yes
Description: A ragdoll yoga game where you stretch a dude to reach stars with matching limb colors. The game was made during the Finnish Game Jam sub-event called “Survival Mode” that happened in the middle of the Lapland. Little power, no amenities, maximum fun.\ \ The game was programmed during the 48h Global Game Jam using an iPad; programmed on the iPad with iPad for the iPad.
Download: Link

1. Install Codea from App Store to your iPad
2. Unzip the packet (
3. Copy RagdollYoga.txt to your iPad (Airdrop, email, etc. should work)
4. Open RagdollYoga.txt
5. Select everything (cmd + a) and copy (cmd + c)
6. Open Codea
7. Long-press “Add new project”, a popup with “Paste Into Project” should open
8. Enter “Ragdoll Yoga” as the project name and click “Create >”
9. Press green play button in the bottom right corner