Date of creation: 23.7.2007 - 3.8.2007
Platform: Windows
Licence: Free, sources use GPL v2
Sources: Yes
Description: Rose Shank is a 4k intro for the Assembly 2007 demo party.

Rose Shank was made by a custom language made specifically for this intro, called the [[IL4]]. [[IL4]] reads in all the code (in lisp syntax, but not in lisp), generates a minimum fit bytecode for it, then outputs the bytecode and the bytecode interpretes as one assembly file. This intro was a test to see if it could be done and how well it would function.

I’m pretty happy it worked out quite well. We got more stuff in, and the final crunch was more adding features than churning down the size (we did spend 1h on size optimization in the end, but it was relatively straight forward; inlining functions and such).

Btw the machine requirements are quite high. This is because the intro features real time cloth simulation, and it’s all done using the interpreted IL4 bytecode language. :)