Date of creation: 21.8.2010 - 21.8.2010
Platform: Windows (.NET 3.5)
Licence: GPL
Sources: Yes
Description: This is my entry for the 18th 48h ludumdare game programming competition. The theme was “Enemies as Weapons”. In PSI keepers you control a special PSI powered unit with the arrow keys (or WASD). There will be many suicide bombers trying to run into you and kill you. Move out of their way and target them with the mouse. Once targeted, press and hold the left mouse button down to assume control of one of the bombers. The bomber moves to where the mouse cursor is, so move the bomber against another bomber, so they both explode. Try to survive as long as possible.

This entry was programmed using C# 3.5 (VS 2010 express).
Download: Executable, data and sources