Project name: Frontal Assault
Date of creation: August 2003
Platform: Win32
Licence: Freeware
Sources: no
Description: Late-2017 update: Way back when this game came out, me (the author) and my understanding of the issues women face was different. This is the one game I now regret making. While I still see the reasoning for why and what parts of the game might be funny for some and why it works as far as gameplay go, I still feel the need to apologize to everyone. Any kind of violence (social, emotional, physical etc) is never ok! Oppressing or objectifying women is never ok! When I was making this game I didn’t fully understand how far rooted the problems facing women actually go, so I made a bad judgement call. Making light of the situation was/is not nice. I promise to try to understand the issues better and to conduct myself better (in all circumstances). Also I’ll try to stand for womens rights as far as I can. I’m keeping the game here as a historical reference (the internet never really forgets anyway).

Frontal assault is a breast slapping game. For more information, see the homepage.. This game was originally made for the Assembly 03 demo party.
Download: Link