Date of creation: 17.12.2011 - 19.12.2011
Platform: HTML5+JavaScript (IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
Licence: GPL
Sources: Yes
Description: This is my entry for the 22th 48h ludum dare game programming competition. The theme was “Alone”. In Friendship Snake you guide a lone snake and try to collect the green emblems of enlightenment before the red power of loneliness takes you over. I spend about 6-8h making this game as the compo coincided with my birthday party (which took most of my time and energy). The game is written using Processing.js and should run in all HTML5 Canvas compliant browsers (IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc).

The game came to 25th place in the fun category and 95th in the innovation category out of 717 total entries.
Download: Link