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Project name: Tin Star
Date of creation: 1.2006 - 3.2006
Platform: Symbian
Licence: Proprietary
Sources: No
Description: Tin Star was a prototype project made for Nokia in a few months. Its main purpose was to demonstrate the use of the OpenGL ES 3D chip inside a then unreleased phone (N93). We (Housemarque) ported our engine to the Symbian platform (including porting floating point code into fixed point) and had a pretty decent cross platform codebase to build on (we could make the game on PC and just compile to the Symbian platform). My personal work consisted mostly on writing the Symbian base the engine ran on and handle platform matters (screen setup, packaging, deployment etc). Most of the game was done using a development board.

I’m sorry about the audio in the game, it wasn’t a focus (more a bullet point in power point, “have some audio - check”).

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