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Project name: Super Stardust HD (Japan: Star Strike HD)
Date of creation: 15.8.2006 - 29.6.2007
Platform: PS3 Network store
Licence: Proprietary
Sources: No
Description: Super Stardust HD is a game that is made by the company I am employed by (at the time, at least). So this is not a completely personal project, although I was the lead programmer in it.

Super Stardust HD is about flying in a spherical field around planets and destroying incoming asteroids. You have 3 weapons, 3 asteroid types (rock, gold, ice), bombs and speed boosts. There are 5 different planets and each has a boss fight in the end.

This is as of writing the best game I’ve ever worked on. The game runs 60fps in 1080p resolution, features clear sound and good gameplay. What I worked mostly on was the PS3 integration on the SPU side and on the gameplay. I also wrote a few game specific tools to help content creation.

This game was published by Sony. The release date in the US was 28.6.2007 and 29.6.2007 in Europe and Japan. You should be able to buy/try the game now on your PS3. You can get the game from the PS3 Network store.
Reviews: EuroGamer 9/10
GameDaily 9/10
1UP 9/10
Boomtown 9/10
IGN 8.7/10
More at metacritic.
Screenshots: These are scaled down screenshots, click on the images to open up a more detailed view, then click on the image again to see it in raw HD resolution.


This one is a closeup of an exploding asteroid:

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