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Project name: Ragdoll Yoga
Date of creation: 30.1.2016 - 1.2.2016
Platform: iPad + Codea
Licence: Creative Commons
Sources: Yes
Description: A ragdoll yoga game where you stretch a dude to reach stars with matching limb colors. The game was made during the Finnish Game Jam sub-event called “Survival Mode” that happened in the middle of the Lapland. Little power, no amenities, maximum fun.

The game was programmed during the 48h Global Game Jam using an iPad; programmed on the iPad with iPad for the iPad.

1. Install Codea from App Store to your iPad
2. Unzip the packet (
3. Copy RagdollYoga.txt to your iPad (Airdrop, email, etc. should work)
4. Open RagdollYoga.txt
5. Select everything (cmd + a) and copy (cmd + c)
6. Open Codea
7. Long-press “Add new project”, a popup with “Paste Into Project” should open
8. Enter “Ragdoll Yoga” as the project name and click “Create >”
9. Press green play button in the bottom right corner

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