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Project name: FreeDoku
Date of creation: 8.12.2005 - 8.12.2005
Platform: J2ME
Licence: GPL
Sources: Yes
Description: FreeDoku is a J2ME (mobile java) implementation of the sudoku puzzle game. In a sudoku puzzle you insert numbers from 1 to 9 to the field. The restrictions are that in each row, column and 3-by-3 block each number may appear only once.

Android: (added 24.8.2010)
1) Download and install freedoku.apk
2) Download the required Java/J2ME Runner (the installer should ask for this automatically)
3) Start FreeDoku
4) Click the menu button and select “more”
5) Select “=System Menu=”
6) Select “Plugin»“
7) Unselect “MidpCommandFormNativePlugin”, “Gestures as Softkey”
8) Select “Display area as Softkey”
9) Use the trackball to move the selection and click the screen in different areas to select the number to enter (hold the screen down to see where each number is located)

Tested on HTC Desire and HTC Legend.

Known issues:
- When the screen orientation is changed, the game sticks with the original dimensions. The solution is to start with the orientation you want to play in.

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