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Fun & useful weblinks

Here’s a list of assorted links. Some are useful, some are fun and the rest are, well, there. ;-) These are simply links I’ve personally found intresting at some point. Some of them may contain weird material.





Intresting and useful software + links

  • Texture synthesizer for GIMP. Creates “more” of any given texture. Useful for making tileable textures and removing areas from existing images.
  • Blender is a free open source (GPL) 3D modeller. The user interface is a bit different from some of the commercial modellers (3DS MAX and Maya) but I hear once you get used to it, it’s really good (and hey, free).
  • GIMP (or GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free (GPL) alternative to Adobe Photoshop and the like. The UI takes some getting used to, but it gets the job done.
  • Exact Audio Copy is a free (cardware) high quality CD audio ripper.
  • Useful Unicode conversion website that allows easy transformation between ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16 and various url/hex/decimal encodings.

Useless, but weird & fun projects

  • You're in control of this toilet experiment. Some MIT students bolt sensors to a mens urinary and create a game with it.
  • The dragon illusion is a simple dragon folded from a sheet of paper but when you look at it, it seems to always look at you. A pure optical illusion but quite cool nonetheless.
  • Multitouch stuff
    • reacTable is a project to create a table that creates music. You can place different objects (sound generators etc) on top of it and a camera underneath detects the objects location and orientation. They include their scientific papers and open sourced software on the site as well.
    • Do it yourself multitouch table.
    • Another instruction for a multitouch table. This one doesn’t use FTIR (it has the IR light behind the screen) so it’s a bit simpler to build.
  • Origami
    • Robert J. Lang has “solved” the domain of origami using mathematícs. This allows for far greater complexity in origami art and has other fields (anything where you need to pack a planar object compactly, like space telescopes and airbags). The main website is this and he holds a talks about it in TED.
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